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Writing the College Essay: Seven Tips to Minimize Stress and Maximize Success

By:  Francine Schwartz  - Pathfinder Counseling LLC

It is nearing midnight sometime in the middle of December. You have been staring at a blank computer screen for the last two hours.  Stacks of college application materials liter your desk. It feels like your entire future hinges upon creating this literary masterpiece called the college essay. Your parents have long since gone up to sleep. You envision them tossing and turning; worrying if you will ever finish your college applications by the deadlines looming ahead in the next month.

Does this scene sound familiar? You are not alone. For many students writing the essay is the single largest source of anxiety in the entire college application process. It needn’t be. Read the tips and ideas below to help you gain the confidence and competence you need to write an essay that will enhance your college application.     Read More

 Productive College Campus Visits  - A Rite of Spring

By Francine Schwartz - Pathfinder Counseling LLC

Harbingers of spring, instantly recognizable, they appear yearly in groups on every college campus.  Their leader is a confident young adult with the amazing skill of walking backwards.  Ducks returning from lands to the south, you might ask?  Hardly, what you are witnessing is the start of the campus visit season.  As a college consultant who has visited close to a hundred campuses and moreover a parent who has participated in this rite of passage with my own three offspring, I will share some tips with you to help make campus visits productive and stress free.  Read More

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