Pathfinder Counseling LLC

Pathfinder Counseling provides expert individualized guidance to help students and families find, apply to and pay for the right fit college. 

Finding the right college match is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It's not only about being accepted by a college. More importantly it's about finding a fit that provides the best environment for your educational and personal growth where you can thrive and be successful.

With colleges becoming more expensive and competitive, families and students feel increased pressure to make the right college choice. Today the college process represents a significant family investment of time and financial resources. Pathfinder Counseling will optimize your investment while making all phases of the college search and application process as stress free as possible. You can rely on the unbiased help and expertise of Pathfinder Counseling to get to the heart of your student's aspirations and empower them to be ready for the next step in life.

Pathfinder Counseling Offers

  • College matches uniquely suited to each student.
  • Organization with CustomCollegePlan - 24/7 online college planning and application management tool.
  • Help to simplify complex financial aid and scholarship options and paperwork.
  • Tests to explore learning styles, interests, majors and careers.
  • Coaching to write effective college essays.
  • Advice to plan and make the most of campus visits.
  • Practice to build confidence for college interviews.
  • Guidance with course selection, standardized tests and summer programs
  • Assistance with gap year, two year, technical, military, transfer and graduate options.
  • Strategies for academic achievement and time management.
  • Services for international students and families.
  • Convenient hours to fit your busy schedule.
  • Face to face and video consultation available.
  • A variety of packages starting as early as the summer prior to 9th grade.
  • Peace of mind knowing the college process is under control.
  • Contact Pathfinder to get started today!

 A Message From Francine

Francine Schwartz, M.A., LPC, NCC, Founder and President of Pathfinder Counseling LLC
Welcome to Pathfinder Counseling LLC.  As a counselor, educator and parent, I understand that at times the transition to college can feel equally rewarding and overwhelming. With the explosion of information out there, your busy schedule, the desire to find the right school, not to mention today's college costs, where do you begin? I founded Pathfinder Counseling to serve as your mentor and guide, helping you navigate the entire college process from exploring  potential careers and majors to applying for financial aid and scholarships. My goal is to ensure that each student finds the best possible college match, one where they can fulfill their potential. Experience  peace of mind knowing that you will receive expert guidance and the individual attention necessary to make informed decisions. 
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Francine Schwartz combines intelligence, a warm personality, and great enthusiasm for helping young people. She is rare, special and worthy of your serious consideration - Superintendent/Head of School

Francine with all her experience and insight took the pressure off my daughter and myself and turned what can be a very stressful and time consuming event into a calm and organized and enjoyable task!   She took the anxiety and chaos that comes with all the applications, essays and choosing the right college. away” - Parent of High School Senior
"Thank you so much for everything you did to help Josh with the college application, interview and sports recruiting process. We are all extremely overjoyed by the outcome!!! As the slide attached highlights, Josh was accepted by many wonderful colleges, some with honors, scholarships and varsity sports positions." - Parents of High School Senior
“ I had an amazing experience with Pathfinder Counseling. I instantly felt comfortable with the environment and material and it absolutely led me to choose the perfect college. I never once felt overwhelmed or pressured and this program was a very valuable service to have. -”High School Senior
"To Fran, Not only have you made the past year so much easier for me, but you introduced me to Bennington. If it weren’t for you, I would have never even heard of it! Thank you. - XOXO"College Freshman
“Excellent overall experience. We took Alex to college yesterday. Hope he will be very happy there. Wish we had started with Pathfinder earlier in the process. - "Parent of High School Senior
"Francine,Thanks for all of your help. Your persistence and patience working with Mack helped him be prepared and organized through out the process.I know it made our life a lot less stressful. Thanks again for all you do!" - Father of High School Senior
“ You just received a high complement from our son on the way home tonight. “I liked talking to Mrs. Schwartz”. Thank you again.” – Parent of Eighth Grade Student
"Your students and families are lucky to have you take such initiative in college preparation and the search process." - Admissions Representative Pennsylvania State University

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